Our Testimonials

Chuck was referred to us by a friend, and he has worked miracles with my daughter, who has/had crippling anxiety. In just under two months, he has helped her go from panic attacks at just the thought of being around people (even family members), to stepping out of her shell, leading a debate in class, presenting her writings aloud, and even engaging with peers that she hasn’t talked to before. Her comfort zone has widened considerably, and I have to credit Chuck for that. His ability to connect with her, understand how she’s feeling, and direct her in how to overcome obstacles is nothing short of amazing. He has such a great, laid back approach. We have seen many therapists through the years, and none of them have ever been effective or helpful. They immediately just want to medicate. I can’t stress how thankful I am that Chuck is helping my daughter conquer her demons without putting her on meds that she would have to be on for her whole life.
I would/do recommend Chuck to anyone and everyone. I couldn’t possibly give him a higher recommendation.

Carri MUllins

Carri MUllinsClient's mother - Solutions To Live By, LLC

Chuck has provided insightful and meaningful advice to us in a time of need.
He has great gut instincts and has always steered us in the right direction. He genuinely cares and I would recommend his services to teens and adults alike.

Shannon Niedzinski

Shannon NiedzinskiClient - Solutions To Live By, LLC

Chuck is amazing he helped me see the light at the end of my tunnel!! When I truly believed there was none!! I can’t say enough good things about him!! When I first started seeing him it was my husband that I felt needed him , but he wouldn’t go! And over time I started to see I needed him just as much

Claudia West-Lennox

Claudia West-LennoxClient - Solutions To Live By, LLC

Chuck is very thorough in his assessments, patient in terms of working around your comfort level, and very willing to listen at any time of day. He provides a judgement-free zone for self-expression, but is comfortable providing honest and constructive feedback when it’s needed. He provides very flexible scheduling, but makes himself readily available in a variety of convenient capacities to accommodate session opportunities. It’s immediately evident when you meet Chuck that because of his wealth of experience and knowledge your concerns are being heard, protected, and valued. He is a great asset and ally to have in your corner.

Megan Stenger Cooper

Megan Stenger CooperClient - Solutions To Live By, LLC

My 15 year old son had been seeing traditional therapists/counselors/psychologists for the last 3 years & even tried medication, at their urging, with zero improvement in his anxiety & depression. After only 5 weeks of seeing Chuck, he has improved EXPONENTIALLY! He’s smiling & laughing again! He’s engaging! He’s joining the family for meals! He’s getting outside & riding his bike! He is himself, again.❤️As a parent, I am so, incredibly grateful for this! I cannot speak highly enough of Chuck, & all that he has done for my son, & for our family. I highly recommend him.


Amy Scribner

Amy ScribnerClient's Mother - Solutions To Live By, LLC

I have known Chuck for quite a few years and I can tell you that you will have a hard time finding anyone as gifted or as on fire as Chuck is in helping people out of addiction and depression. Chuck is motivated by a tremendous passion to help people escape the grip of addictions and this is why he is so successfully able to make connections with his clients. If you are looking for a great and understanding counselor, look no further.

Nate Garland

Nate GarlandPresident - Samoco Industries, Inc

Chuck is the best. He has a very kind manner that makes you want to share with him. He has helped me so much. I would
truly recommend him to both young and old.

Lynn Russell

Lynn RussellClient - Solutions To Live By, LLC

I have known Chuck for many many years. He is a brother in Christ and a brother in the community of helping those come to know and be who they are designed to be, in Christ. As a great husband and father, with a passion for the hurting, he is a living testament to the saving grace and restorative power that can be found in humble pursuit of what we are all meant to be… Fully whole and Fully free!

Mary Beth Milewski Rost

Mary Beth Milewski RostLPC - Counselor

Chuck has such a passion and love for helping others. I highly recommend him.

Amy Lopez

Amy LopezClient - Solutions To Live By, LLC

Integrity is extremely important to me and no one has integrity more than Chuck. He is just a special individual the truly cares. He is a great listener and knows how to connect with people. He is also extremely positive and knows how to guide and coach people to improve in their field of practice AND in their own personal lives. Once you meet Chuck, you will see exactly what I mean. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thank you for all that you do Chuck!


Rony Foumia

Rony FoumiaArea Director - Outpatient Pharmacy - Ascension Health

I’ve known Chuck for over 30 years. He is very trustworthy and loyal. He has a passion and talent for helping others through just about anything. He has helped me. And I’m thankful for his knowledge, his experience and true interest in my personal well being!

Chuck is doing exactly what God intended him to do!


Katrina Clay

Katrina ClayClient - Solutions To Live By, LLC

Chuck is amazing person and a community leader that helps our citizens, he also is known as “the good Communicator,” and very proactive leader. He is honest, high integrity and a hard worker.


Jose Aliaga

Jose AliagaTrustee - Independence Township, Michigan