About Me

With decades of experience in and around the industry, Chuck Edwards finds himself a passionate wellness advocate who is respected by clients and peers alike as a trusted advisor and for the highly responsive and personalized service he provides. Chuck specializes in helping people from all walks of life successfully navigate their pathway to wellness. His holistic approach focuses on gaining a clear understanding of their objectives, helping them pinpoint and clarify their recovery strategy and selecting the path to wholeness that best fits their needs. Chuck has an affinity for persons suffering from addiction and mental illness as well as family members who find themselves affected accordingly. He also enjoys coaching persons seeking to become a better

“I have a raging passion for helping others. This passion is fueled by my desire to radically change a vast number of lives for the better”

Excellence, integrity, quality, respect and empowerment. Chuck resides in Clarkston, Michigan with his wife and kids and is active in the community. He is a recovered substance abuser, sober since 2000. For years he has taught an ongoing Anxiety & Depression Class free to the community. Chuck also hosts 12-Step recovery meetings inside jails.